What to expect


If you decide to contact me we may briefly discuss your situation and arrange to meet at a time of your convenience.

Your first session will be an opportunity to discuss what you hope to gain from counselling and also perhaps some of your concerns about it. 

I will ask some practical questions such as contact details.You are able to ensure you have enough information to make a choice about  continuing counselling with me and we can consider if we can build a good working relationship.

If you choose to we can re-book further sessions, usually on a weekly basis.

I see the therapist’s role is to recognise the client is the ‘expert’ of their life, so I don’t advise but help to reveal this inner knowledge. We may, for example, explore how some of these patterns continue to affect life in the present; to encourage the ability to make different choices which may allow for new methods of facing these issues or situations.

We will recognise and value how you have managed in order to cope.

The process is client -led, so whatever you bring to each session will be where we will focus.   This form of therapy utilises the therapeutic relationship as the means for change and growth.

An empathic counselling relationship allows for safe reflection and re- evaluation, even a possibility to challenge some of the obstacles that may obscure you from being who or how you want to be and allow for trying out new ways of being and for the possibility of  a different perspective whilst knowing that there is support.

For the most part will will be talking together, however, humanistic counselling  can incorporate creative and experimental approaches if this feels appropriate to you, such as using art materials or visualisation and relaxation techniques which may be used to enable a new approach or insight into a difficult situation.

Sometimes words alone are not enough to represent thoughts and feelings. We will always discuss if this is something you would like to try.

It can be difficult to recognise a need for support and a bold move to reach out and ask for it,whatever your motivation for considering counselling, you are very welcome to contact me to discuss your situation.

Contact me on 07491 691408

Email abbiecranham@gmail.com