Frequently Asked Questions


How long should I attend ?

Sessions can be short term; that is six weeks in total where we will meet weekly and focus perhaps on a specific issue, or long term where the sessions are open ended which will allow for a more in depth exploration of your life.  

We can discuss this at the initial assessment session to ensure counselling can best meet your needs.

Where do you practice from?

I work from Onward Place, 69A High Street,Newport, PO30 1BA

A convenient and central location.

I'm not sure counselling is for me, will it help?

Counselling has the capacity to change and enrich lives. It is not necessarily an easy process and In my experience it can take some time to build a rapport and enough trust in the therapeutic process to feel safe enough to begin the process of discussing long- held, or difficult experiences and feelings.

I recognise that  people may feel vulnerable sharing very deeply held issues and that undertaking counselling sessions can at times raise complex and challenging feelings. It is important for me to work attentively and sensitively at a pace that feels right for you.

Clients have told me that they have often avoided sharing their concerns with those closest to them out of fear of worrying or burdening them, so they have held things in, often for many years. It can be freeing to  speak with a counsellor you know  will accept and respect you.

Some clients worry their problem isn't 'big' or important enough, or that if they start letting things out it will never stop. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns.

What if I want to stop sessions, or need a break?

You can end sessions at any point. Ideally one week's notice would enable us to discuss your decision to end or take a break. But this space is all about you and your capacity to make choices that feel right for you!

Do you work in other locations?

In some circumstances where it is difficult to access the clinic I may be available for home visits, if that is appropriate.

I also offer a 'walk and talk' service, for people who feel they would benefit from a counselling service outside of the therapy room.

Please contact me for further details.

Contact me on 07491 691408