About Counselling

How can counselling help?



I am an  experienced, professionally qualified counsellor, providing a  safe, and confidential space to support you with the problems and difficulties that you may be facing.

There are several different counselling approaches, but the type I primarily use is Humanistic, with a Gestalt focus, however, my experience and further training enables me to draw on the most appropriate method to focus on you as an individual.

Together we will explore the whole of your situation, thereby recognising that the mind as well as the body and your environment are interrelated.  My approach views people as potentially having all the necessary inner resources and ability to face difficulties and lead fulfilling lives; yet sometimes the process may become interrupted. This could be due to adverse childhood experiences or a significant  life change such as a bereavement or relationship breakdown, illness or retirement.

At times life can become stressful and it can feel overwhelming. Many of us can feel disempowered and even isolated - counselling can be seen as a way of becoming empowered and re-connecting; with others as well as within ourself. Stress, as well as anxiety and depression are common reasons for people to access counselling. It is easy to get stuck in fixed, limiting and often negative patterns. These can impact our ability to make good choices and can affect confidence levels and self-esteem.

Taking some time and space to focus solely on you with a qualified professional can allow for reflection and for a greater sense of perspective. By exploring your thoughts and feelings and considering how these are processed it is possible to have greater clarity of your own personal experience and raise self awareness. This, in turn, can enable change. 

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